lundi 9 août 2010

Picu Nicu ni iku

le titre de ce dessin est inspiré d'une chanson, G. o. a. p. (go on a pic nic : picunicu ni iku en japonais) de Kanazu Hiroshi Feat. Kumi tiré de l'excellent site :

2 commentaires:

  1. Ahoi 201169.Thanks for mention my Blog.I really like your Sketches and that one the Songs i selected for my Mixes inspired you is even better.You asked for a FPM Complilation.There are a few of offical ones avalible on Net.I made all the Comps. on my Blog myself and i think there is no use of doing one myself.Here is Blog of a Friend of mine.
    I think you find all you need there.If you need something else.Let me know.Greetz Percy

  2. Thanks a lot Percy! i found treasures on your friend's site!
    and yours is still wonderful! thanks again